Tire applications – 2

The use of CMRFID tags on each tire, controls the complete lifecycle of the tire from manufacturing sections to finally scrapping of the used tire.
Customized RFID aftermarket labels have been developed to support fleet-management, set up anti-theft solutions and to develop pay-per-mile, pay-per-use or other new commercial new business models.
What is more CMRFID labels give the opportunity to address logistics challenges such as first-in, first-out, identifying unique/individual tires in the warehouse, inventory management, loading the trucks up to inventory in the shop, matching a tire to an end-user, and simply support the recall process.
More importantly as the original equipment market demands full transparency into the production logistics and overall product quality, test reports and good tires at a low price are no longer enough.
Regulatory compliance is another issue solved by RFID tag. Within the United Arab Emirates, current law requires individual tire production data be directly associated with a car and therefore, an end-user. This can be achieved by bar code or QR code, but certainly more easily with RFID.
Recently distributors and fleet owners are recognizing more and more the value of CMRFID truck management solution to support their processes. A number of distributors have demanded tire producers apply a customized RFID tread label. And fleet owners have already asked for customized, embedded RFID tags.
To support these processes, demands, and concepts, the tire mold and material carrier, CMRFID has developed a wide range of products and solution.
The tag, for each purpose endure environmental stresses including steam, heat, steel and use. CMRFID, as the Leading RFID technology company, is investing and developing RFID tag solutions that are thoroughly tested and specialized for these purposes.

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