Magnetic Card Reader


The Swiping card slot is the simulation of USB keyboard, using USB keyboard driver comes with system, so long as where you can use the keyboard to input characters into, you can get card data with a card slot, such as Notepad, word, etc.

  • Plug and play, free drive, uploading data actively;
  • Working state sound and light dual indicator;
  • Supporting swiping card Bi-directionally with high and low speed;
  • Using imported chip, read weak magnetic stripe card, high sensitivity, low power consumption, strong compatibility, strong anti-interference;
  • Identify the different density and standard card automatically ;
  • Hardware decoding, the output data is decoding data, customers do not need to write the decoding process, greatly simplifying the difficulty of programming.
  • USB interface, analog USB keyboard mode (customizable keyboard interface, RS232 serial port, TTL interface, PS2 etc.)
Item No.  RU580B
Card Standard  ISO7811,AAMVA,CADMV
Track Position ISO1(1ATA) ISO2(ABA) ISO3(MINTS)
Recording Density 210BPI 75BPI 210BPI
Recording Characters 79 characters 40 characters 107 characters
Power  DC+5V±5%
Current  30mA(idle)    80mA(working)
Head Function  Reading track width:1.5mm
Card thickness  PVC 0.76±0.08mm
Operating Speed  10cm/sec ~ 150cm/sec
Decoding methord  F/2F
Identify efficient  Higher than 99.5%
Communication interface  USB

【Optional RS232(USB interface power supply),PS2 etc.】

Head life time  500,000 times
Operating environment  Working:-10 ℃~55℃; 5~85RH

Storage:-30℃~70℃; 5~90RH

Product length  90mm(customizable other size)
Communication line length  1.5m standard
Weight  About 96g