RFID NFC Stickers


Near-field Communication (NFC) is characterized as a very short-range radio communication technology with a lot of potential, especially when applied to mobile handsets. Imagine yourself using your cellphone to interact with posters, magazines, and even with products while at the store, and with such interaction initiating a request or search for related information in real-time.


Other usages of NFC include the electronic wallet to make payments using your handset, the same way you do with your credit card. With NFC all this is possible. But NFC is still a young technology. That said, NFC-enabled handsets are being introduced into the market, and deployments and pilots around the world are occurring.

Material Paper, PVC, PET
Back material adhesive layer
Size 35x35mm, 0.5-0.8mm thickness or customized size
Working frequency 13.56MHz
Protocol ISO 14443A
Chip Ntag 213, F08, Mifare S50
Printing full color printing, silk printing or white
Craft numbers, or customized
Data retension 10 years
Write endurance 100,000 cycles
Reading range 2-5cm (related with the size of the atenna and power of reader)
Application Advertising, Consumer Electronics, Gaming, Healthcare, Retail, Social media, etc
Monthly output 6,000,000pcs
Package 400pcs in a box(6×9.3×12.5cm), 10 boxes in a carton, or customized
Lead time 10-15 days for 5000pcs