Quality Animal microchip with blue syringe


Glass Microchip has been developed for subcutaneous injection and it is
used for identify animal .Like dog, cat, fish, cow, horse and some others
All of the microchip are fit ISO11784/11785 standard and it have been
sterilized with medical standard.
Each microchip have parylene coating inside which can prevent the
microchip moved in animal’s body.


–small size with light weight

–simple injection

–use biological glass package

–with non-slip material on the surface

Syringe and Package
Package Material Medical breathable paper
Frequency 134.2Khz
Size 2.12*12mm/1.4*8mm/1.25*7mm
Sterilization method E0(ethylene oxide),valid for 5 years
Syringe color White needles and it can not removable
Show information on the package Date of sterilization, date of valid,15 digits with barcode
Net weight 7.5g±0.3g
Chip EM4305
Package material Inner: lead-free, non-toxic material,

outer: biological glass

Operating temperature -20℃+50℃ (same as syringe)
Storage temperature -40℃+70℃(same as syringe)