Quality Animal microchip with blue syringe


Glass Microchip has been developed for subcutaneous injection and it is
used for animal identification.
Examples: Dog, Cat, Fish, Equine, Wildlife & Zoo animals.
All of the microchip are compliant with ISO11784/11785 standard.
All implantable products are sterilised to a high medical standard.
Each microchip has a parylene coating on the bio-glass substrate which
will help prevent migration within the tissue of the animals body.


–small size with light weight

–simple injection

–use biological glass package

–with non-slip material on the surface

Syringe and Package
Package Material Medical breathable paper
Frequency 134.2Khz
Size 2.12*12mm/1.4*8mm/1.25*7mm
Sterilization method E0(ethylene oxide),valid for 5 years
Syringe color White needles and it can not removable
Show information on the package Date of sterilization, date of valid,15 digits with barcode
Net weight 7.5g±0.3g
Chip EM4305
Package material Inner: lead-free, non-toxic material,

outer: biological glass

Operating temperature -20℃+50℃ (same as syringe)
Storage temperature -40℃+70℃(same as syringe)