RFID Round Tracking Tag for Cattle/Pig/Sheep


The ear tag is specifically designed with wireless temperature sensor for cattle, cow,
sheep or pig etc. to detect the body temperature periodically.

The temperature information along with its ID can be sent to the gateway by wireless
for the management to well know the health status of the livestock in the office.


Designed to be visible from a distance

Fast and easy to use

Outstanding readability

Durability: can’t be break off or pull outability to last a lifetime

Ensure trace

Ability, better herd management, helping prevent theft

Better control of disease outbreaks

Based on the chip, we can use the tag to identify the animal’s information during the whole life.

we can put the birth time, medicine, feed and other information in the chip side.

Physical Parameters
Products size 29.8*13mm
Packaging materials Molded: Nylon


Quantity 2500PCS/carton
Packing 35cm*25cm*41.5cm
G.W 18.8KG
Environmental parameters
Working temperature -20~80℃
Environmental parameters
Chip TK4100 EM4305 Hitag s256 I-CODE-2 Rf08 MFS50
Protocol 11784/5 11784/5 ISO15693 ISO14443A ISO14443A
RAM 512 bit 256bits 1024bits 1kbyte 1kbyte
Working mode(Read or Read & Write) R R/W R/W R/W R/W R/W
Operating frequency 125KHZ 134.2KHZ 125/134.2khz 13.56MHZ 13.56MHZ 13.56MHZ
Read Distance 3cm 3cm 3cm 3cm 3cm 3cm
Data retention 10 years
Programming Cycles 100,000 times
Business application
Application field Animal management, breeding populations, epidemic prevention, quarantine, tracking and other areas of rare species