RFID Waste Bin Tag


This tag is designed in rugged plastic housing to protect it from rain, dirt and other environmental conditions and used extensively in waste management solutions.

Electrical Characteristics
Integrated Circuit (IC) EM4200/EM4305/Atmel/Hitag S*
Operating Frequency Range 125 KHz ± 2%
Mechanical Characteristics
Diameter 30 mm
Thickness 15 mm
Weight 11 gms
Encasing PA-6
Material* Color* Black
Quality Assurance 100% read tested
General Characteristics
Ingress Protection IP67

– Complete protection against dust

– Protection against temporary immersion in water

Operating Temperature -40°C to +85°C / -40°F to +185°F
Storage Temperature -40°C to +120°C / -40°F to +248°F
Attaching Mechanism Screwing inside the slot in waste bin
Applicable Surface Materials Plastic, Wooden
Expected Lifetime Years in normal operating conditions
Chemical Resistance
No physical or performance changes in: – 2 hour Salt water exposure

– 2 hour Motor oil exposure

Additionally, short time exposure resistant

against HCL, MEK, IPA.

Additional Services/Options
Pre encoding On request
Customization Logo/text printing on request**