Tags and Labels

CMRFID tags and labels are trusted by many of the largest retailers and the top fashion brands in the world for a decade. Every RFID inlay can be programmed to electronically store information including product type, size, color and various other identification and tracking features. All of our RFID tags work seamlessly across CMRFID products and software, offering faster and more efficient product authentication, reducing the risk of lost or counterfeit products, and resulting in complete visibility across the global supply chain in real time.
Our paper inlay can be offered with pre-printed customer artwork, thermal printable, DOD number printing, and Laser engrave printing and chip encoding.
The main applications of paper inlays include single and multiple-use ticket, public transportation, book stores, libraries and prepaid vouchers.
CMRFID offers multicolor high resolution RFID integrated labels. These high quality labels can be delivered within 10 days.

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