CMRFID tire tag implementation

Nowadays the tire industry is one of the most conservative, due to resistance of manufacturer to changing the construction of a tire or the processes related to building a tire. Therefore, introducing new technologies needs to be carefully structured and based on a solid plan.
The road map should be based on the results from detailed workshops and pilots executed with the marketing and sales, production logistics, warehousing and information/technology departments. These workshops typically uncover “low hanging fruit,” which are easily solved with solutions that are quickly implemented, solve major challenges and provide significant return on investment.
What is more, solutions may include the definition of new business models like fleet-management, or even improving warehousing and logistics, creating greater transparency within production. Parallel projects can be started, such as RFID in molds or the development of an RFID tag embedded in the tire itself.
Even within production logistics, however, easy and safe implementation of CMRFID solutions can be designed. For example, applying an RFID bead label on a green truck tire at the building machine gives the opportunity to still use the current bar code but also the benefits of RFID at the same time.
More importantly barcode readers within the process would, in this case, be replaced by RFID readers and extra data entries can be created by adding more RFID readers within the process. Implementation can proceed smoothly without any interference to current processes or risk.
CMRFID has changed the tire industry for the better, the technology and solution is certainly maturing, and regulations are influencing manufacturers to make the necessary changes and implement RFID to provide further transparency into the tire supply chain.
The business cases of CMRFID proving the benefits of applying RFID tags to tires for improving transparency and overall quality of the tire have been tested and proven time and time again.

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