Benefits of RFID in Manufacturing and Supply Chain

1) RFID can improve the quality and transparency of Data across the supply chain.
Accurate data management that is easily accessed makes it possible to solve a multitude of process inefficiencies. Data management is vital in all industries in order to track and predict the future steps. The best way to implement a system that results in the highest reliability and availability is by using the concept of “distributed data. Distributed data refers to live data that is attached directly to the object and can be modified automatically at process checkpoints. When data is read from a tag, answers are provided to the questions: What? Why? Where? And When? This is the very essence of RFID applications in industry.

2) Make it easier to implement flexible manufacturing processes.
Production line capacity is a vital key in the competitive market. Staying competitive means manufacturing more from the same line. To make the factory or manufacturer more flexible, data management is inevitable. Various manufacturing cells have to work with harmony and that could be impossible without data. The capability to accommodate and respond to a higher influx of constantly changing data is a necessity. CMRFID products and solutions are reliable used to read and write data directly to a tag on an object. This feature can be leveraged to make flexible manufacturing a reality.

3) RFID is the essence of accuracy and efficiency.
Many production line managers mention that manually counting inventory is an extremely tedious, time consuming, inefficient and inaccurate method. CMRFID products and solution can be used to reduce or even eliminate the need for “hand-scanning”, resulting in immediate and significant improvements in inventory tracking. These results directly impact the customer experience and lead to increased sales. RFID is an investment and not a cost.

4) RFID can solve Challenging environment track and trace.
RFID works in the environments that there is no need to be in a direct line of sight to the reader, like barcodes. Barcode limitation is a problematic issue in production lines especially in some angles. The need for reading and writing data to an object, when process conditions are extreme, like hot temperature, can be done by attaching durable RFID tags. In this case ABS and PCB tags are the most used ones. In conditions like drastic temperature swings, high humidity, extremely high temperature, exposure to chemicals and rough handling, barcode cannot work. CMRFID has designed especial tags to survive and perform reliably in even most challenging environments.

5) RFID cut down on rework and boost the efficiency of production line
CMRFID products are particularly designed to contribute closed loop systems where transport mechanisms are carried out. Data visibility allows close monitoring and observation of products along with processes; therefore quick actions can be taken and improvement in all processes can be taken place. This feature can generate a timely manner potentially save millions.

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